Extended Practice

Restorative and Acupuncture Extended Yoga Practice - June 2018 - Final

Friday September 7, 2018

Define Yoga

6:30 – 8:30 pm

This is an evening of being still and quiet. An evening to go deep into a rest and restorative state.

Two beautifully complementary practices coming together for deep release and restoration. Join me and Dr. Erin Tremblay for a 2-hour Restorative and Acupuncture practice. Start with her deeply healing restorative yoga and then end with a relaxing acupuncture supported savasana. Class size is limited so everyone has the space they need. Register early to ensure your spot.

Please bring a blanket, pillow and warm clothes (socks, sweaters etc.) as well as your desire to let go and to receive.

There will be a limit of 10 students admitted to class to ensure appropriate practice space for all. Please send me an email to hold your spot as we have a limited number of spaces and those who preregister will get priority.