The yoga of postures. Hatha comes from combining the two Sanskrit terms “ha” meaning sun and “tha” meaning moon. Each class focuses on finding balance between your body and mind and attempts to free the more subtle spiritual elements of the mind through physical poses or Asanas, breathing techniques or Pranayama, and Meditation. Hatha yoga can help you increase your strength, flexibility, mobility and relaxation.

Hatha is a philosophy of practice that can include popular class styles such as: Flow, Foundation, Fusion etc.


Guided concentration and mind training to reveal more states of consciousness.  Using various forms of guided meditation such as focused gazing, walking and breath control, students are lead though an progression of deepening concentration to peal away habitabual thought patterns and help strengthen mind control.

Peak Inspired

This is an invigorating, heated class that is taught to all levels on the spicier side of the effort level. Peak Inspired classes are sequenced thoughtfully, building effort through a break-down of anatomical movements and postures towards a “peak” or destination pose. Peak Inspired is an excellent class for students of all levels to inspire their practice to the next level, in a clear, safe and conscientious manner. Peak inspired classes are likely to include inversions, arm balances and hands on assists.

Class Level/ Yoga Experience: All levels, some Yoga experience is suggested.


A nurturing yoga practice is highly beneficial to a healthy pregnancy. These classes are designed to support expecting mothers in developing the muscle strength and body awareness that can aid in easing pregnancy and child birth.


Private classes are an opportunity to get the personal attention you want to go deeper in your practice or work on specific areas of injury or physical limitation. Classes can be one-on-one or in small groups. All private classes are created to fit the needs of the student(s). For more information on private classes please contact me directly.


Based on Patanjali’s yoga sutras and the eight limbs of yoga, this class includes equal practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. You will begin by centring, opening and preparing the body through gentle asana. Then you will explore several pranayama practices to prepare the mind for the final meditation practice.


A gentle class focusing on supporting the body in postures, with a variety of props, to facilitate release in major joints, muscles and tendons.  Passive opening is gained through deep guided relaxation allowing the bodies energetics to flow freely and balance. A great class for all levels and a beautiful supplement to a regular practice, restorative yoga will enhance your mind and nourish your body.

Seniors Yoga

Specifically crafted for those over 60 years of age with reduced mobility issues, this class will engage the body, enliven the spirit and calm the mind through asanas (postures), breath work, chanting and meditation. Students are introduced to the benefits of yoga in a journey to build a healthy relationship with their bodies.  Classes are gentle and restorative in nature.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. Also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness, Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that is intended to induce full-body relaxation and facilitate healing. Nidra is one of the deepest of all meditations, leading awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of supreme stillness and insight.

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