I became a mother by being gifted a daughter when she was 8 years old. I met her and she took full root in my heart. This summer will mark the fact that her and I have been in each other’s lives for half her time on this earth. Wow time moves fast!

In mid-April my daughter came to me and suggested we do a 30-day Yoga challenge together. My internal, tired, voice wanted to make up some excuse to not participate but my Yoga-loving and supportive parent-self quickly said “Yes let’s do it!” So on May 1st we kicked off our own Yoga challenge; doing a Yoga class a day for 30 days. We are just halfway through and the practice has already brought so many awesome experiences and lessons. I’ve done a few 30-day challenges over the years but this one is different. This one I am doing with my daughter. This challenge is one I am doing for myself and as a witness to my daughter’s journey. It has been through this role as witness that the practice has brought the most exquisite gifts.

Just a few days into the first week of the unfolding 30 days I began to see the community of women that surrounded my daughter: teachers, adjusters, studio staff and fellow students. I have watched as these women flowed in, around and through my daughter as she practiced. They each brought the love of mother energy. With their guiding hands, their inspiring voices, their encouraging smiles, and their accepting gaze. I watched my heart’s most precious part be passed from one goddess to the next, with such care, such connection, that I no longer hold worry or fear for her (the often natural state of a parent I have learned). I’ve witnessed how a soul is surrounded by mothers.

We limit ourselves in believing we have been given only one source motherhood. We are mothered through our lives by many conduits of the heart; look and you will see them. The goddesses that move around us channeling the energy of love, compassion and care. To all these souls I say thank you and this day is to honour you.

Happy Mother’s Day!