“He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg.”

—Chinese Proverb

Here it is; the blog post that could. I have sat down many times over the past few months to write this bugger. There were some small fits and starts but most of what did come out went nowhere. Whether it is putting ideas on a page, actually stepping into the new job or showing up for a Yoga class, we all have things that elicit reluctance. Writing a blog post is that for me.

It’s like going into a standing balance pose in Yoga, lets say Virabhadrasana III (Warrior 3) and always hovering the back big toe on and off the floor. Never really experiencing balance.

Never entering the next experience. Stuck in the thought of the action but not in the action itself.

The woman that deliberates truly is lost. In action creation is given life. Maybe it doesn’t really matter what the action is just that there is energy behind it. Without action the energy we hold that is itching to create pools in potential. Like a still pond, it can get bog-like, stagnant and repugnant. The longer we sit in inaction the thicker this potential-pond becomes and more action is needed to clean out the guck and get to the good stuff.

So maybe this blog post is just the guck, maybe it is getting to the good stuff. All I know is I got something out and on the page. Like lifting that toe off the floor and starting to spread my arms out, maybe its not a full expression of the potential that is in me but I launched away from the stuck place I was into the next experience.